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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Now What?


You know it hit me the other day as i was watching a football game and a Pepsi commercial came on _ it’s always odd things out of television commercials or asides in a sitcom that get my attention _ that she never has said even as little as: “let’s just be friends.” As infuriating as those four words are to a guy (or a girl) who is totally crushed out on somebody, it still serves some strange _ and perhaps twisted _ purpose. Those four words, trite and silly and annoying and false as they are give a person something to hold onto until you are ready to really cut the cord yourself. And that’s what we all want to be able to do: cut the cord ourselves rather than have somebody else cut it against our will.

i’d have to say that even though i know those four words would be false and vapid, such that i couldn’t hold onto them anyway, i would give anything right now to hear her say them.

i am so lost.


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